What security camera is best for me?

Security surveillance cameras are now becoming an important part of home and business security systems. Today, because these systems are more affordable to the average person, more and more people are purchasing them. From personal use to provide home owners a secure home to large corporations that are seeing the benefits of monitoring their business sites day and night with security cameras. Security cameras are readily available for home and office needs, no matter how simple or how complex you need your system to be.

Business owners are now finding that the ability to monitor and record activities on site assists to control inventory and helps to reduce any liabilities that can occur in an office or warehouse area.

There are many reasons to install a security camera. When you put your time, money and energy into your business, why not take that extra step to secure your investment. Homeowners can also feel a sense of security and safety with security cameras. Video Security Cameras that are designed specifically for surveillance and monitoring can give the customer that extra element of safety and an added feeling of security.

What types of cameras are available for video surveillance?

There is a wide range of Security video surveillance cameras available. When making your decision to purchase and install a security camera, be sure to select the right camera for the right place. Be sure to find out what types of cameras are available and which one is right for you.

Dome Security Camera

Dome Security Cameras will give you the quality of professional grade pictures in a convenient dome housing. These Dome cameras are especially effective in offices, department stores, jewelry shops, convenience stores and in certain professional business environments. Dome camera are perfect solutions for a DVR Camera when there is a low ceiling or in the case where esthetics surveillance is necessary. Dome camera runs on 12VDC.

Box – C Mount Security Camera

The CCTV Box Camera combines high 380 to 570 TV lines of resolution and a 0.01 lux low light.

This type of camera gives the customer the ability to purchase the camera and the lens separately. In this way, you will have the ability to have all the components fit the space appropriately giving you maximum visibility and clarity. This camera works perfectly in high security situations as well as with retail store front applications. You can choose either the 12VDC or the 24VAC; and either can be used in any security DVR system.

Infrared Security Camera

A night vision security camera can be used in any darkened area. An infrared camera can be used in total darkness (0 lux) whereas a day/night camera would need some light to produce a reasonable picture. With a night vision camera, dark areas are able to be viewed and could eliminate any potential surprises.

Bullet Security Camera

A Bullet Security Camera is ideal for extreme outdoor conditions or in indoor environments where you might need a compact color camera. This camera is ideas for both home use and for small businesses because of it’s compact size. With pictures at a resolution between 380 and 480 and having a low light lux at 1.0, you will still get clear sharp images from your camera. And with the advanced back light compensation, you will have these crystal clear images throughout the day.

Bullet camera is powered by 12-Volt DC.

Hidden Security Camera (Covert Surveillance Cameras)

Using this type of camera gives the customer the ability to “hide” their camera making it look like a normal item. It could be a wall clock in a small retail store, a smoke alarm in a warehouse, a teddy bear in a baby’s room, a pin hole in any wall; the advantage of these “hidden” cameras can give you the advantage of recording and viewing without anyone being aware.

Wireless Security Cameras

Any CCTV Security Camera can be converted to a wireless camera by adding the wireless kit. This can be helpful when the location does not lend itself to running cable; when there is no easy wiring solution; or just to address the esthetics of the camera site. These camera offer flexibility for set up and are easy to install. They are also easy to move, if necessary.