Cam Security on KHON2 news again!

Many local Hawaii residents that watch T.V. regularly have seen the Cam Security commercial. It has brought attention, and sales have gone up tremendously. While there is competition amongst other security alarm companies, Cam Security is taking the lead in becoming the best provider in surveillance here on the islands. T.V. has been the most influential way to reach our customers and give them a sense of who we are and what services we can provide. We have been fortunate to have KHON run stories on our company. The first being in February 08”, and then recently in April 09”. While sales have gone up, we also want to stress the importance of security to potential customers. Like the old saying goes “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. More and more we are seeing people losing their jobs, and turn to stealing as a way to make ends meet. While there is still many hard working people here on the island, we must all be aware of vandals, thieves and dishonesty.