The benefits of having an intrusion detection system:
1. A security system can deter crimes, protect possessions and a homeowner’s safety. A home without a security system is 300% more likely to experience a theft, according to recent studies.

2. Reduced loss or a decreased risk of physical danger to your family. If an intruder enters, a home security system will frighten them off upon the sounding of the alarm.

3. Discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts for home security systems due to the reduced risk of burglary and fire.

4. Security for homes often becomes an added selling point when you put your home on the market. Buyers are increasingly looking for properties with security cameras and security systems to make sure their homes and families stay safe.

4. Emergency service that arrives more quickly than just dialing 911. This can be especially useful for older individuals that are living on their own as emergency response can be quick and life saving. Help is dispatched directly without even picking up the phone.

6. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your home, family and belongings are protected from more than just intruders, but from fires as well.

  • The professionals at Cam Security offer cutting-edge security features that are designed to keep your home safer than ever before. There are a lot of fly by nighter security companies out there, but our unique security systems coupled with our exceptional installation services and professional and courteous technicians are the best reasons to choose Cam Security for your new security system.  Give us a call today for more information on our alarm systems to make an appointment that fits your life and your schedule!


  • Do you believe your employees may be stealing from you?
  • Do you wonder how the babysitter interacts with your children after you’ve left the home?
  • Do you need security video footage or audio evidence for legal council?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Cam Security has your answer. Our experienced consultants will visit you on-site, will review your current security camera system if you already have one, and will provide you with several options that will be tailored to your specific situation or security needs. Our experienced consultants are here to provide you with superior, no-hassle service. 



Cam Security installs state-of-the-art security cameras with our in-house custom-built DVR systems. We can tailor your CCTV security camera installation to your specific needs and demands.

Our professional camera installers will:

  • Install Exposed or Covert Security Cameras and run all necessary cabling and wiring inside and outside the building.
  • Connect your DVR System to the Internet.
  • Connect your DVR System to your Office Network.
  • Connect your DVR System to any Access Controls, Warning Devices, and/or Home Automation Systems you request.


Our state-of-the-art central monitoring station offers you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is looking after your home or business while you are asleep or are away. Without having to replace your existing camera system; in most cases, Cam Security can monitor your residence or establishment through motion detection or after-hours scheduled surveillance.

Some of the benefits to having Cam Security IVM (Interactive Video Monitoring) service include:

  • Security expenses reduced by eliminating the need for after-hours guards.
  • Eliminating false alarm charges by correctly assessing the situation and dispatching the appropriate authorities.
  • Two-way audio makes it possible to address a situation as it is happening.
  • Home or business insurance may be reduced up to 20% by most insurance carriers.


After completing the installation, a knowledgeable representative from Cam Security will conduct an extensive training session for the client or authorized individuals on surveillance system functions and programming. A quick reference guide and a complete user manual will also be provided to all clients, free of charge.

Cam Security provides a (1) year limited warranty on our DVR systems. Cam Security provides a one year manufacturer warranty on all security cameras, camera mounts, camera housings, monitors and microphones. Cam Security offers maintenance plans on our installations which includes all wires, cables, and connectors required by your surveillance system. Our limited warranty is provided only for the purchase client and is not for the benefit of any other person(s) or entity to the maximum extent permitted by law.