My Husband and I own a Thrift Store out in Makaha named Treasure's which was recented burglarized. We already knew about Cam Security but never needed the service. But called on you guys FIRST to seek answers about your security system. You then scheduled an appointment soon. And this email is to let everyone know the conduct of your representative named Aaron Fuller who was OUTSTANDING. He answered our questions, he gave us surety of providing a great security camera system. He knew what he was doing. We talked about him even after leaving work. There is no question about his customer service. He was professional at every angle. Also made us feel at ease to talk to him, because in times pass (not talking about your company) some salesman only want to hurry you up and make a decision to purchase without hearing your plight. So I will be the megahorn whenever someone even mentions security cameras. Just by the action of one AARON FULLER. Excellent representative from a SUPPURB COMPANY.Mahalo Mucho,

Tammy Withers
Treasure's Thrift Store
We had the pleasure of working with Keola Saffery of your staff. He was extremely knowledgeable especially on all of this internet connection/software/hardware "stuff" that we older folks have no idea about. He was very patient with us and willing to work by phone off-hours to make sure we could access our cameras at 1520 St. Louis Dr. from the office. This kind of above and beyond customer service is extremely rare nowadays, especially from the younger generation like him.You are extremely fortunate to have someone like Keola working for your company. Thank you for your continued assistance and support of our alarm system/camera monitoring service. We always recommend CAM Security to everyone we know - especially our commercial real estate clients.

Yumi Benedicto-Dugger
RSI Real Estate, INC.
Thank you very much for rescheduling your crew to get our system installed. My family and I really feel much better today with having more security in our home. Ryan and Brad were very patient and helpful during the installation. The screens are being done by Andrew so we’ll just wait for the last part to be done. Thank you again for taking care of us!!! We really appreciate it!!

Paul Yasukochi
Choyce Productions Inc.